Kyle Sykes

Former police detective who is struggling to adapt to his new life.


If you’d have asked me six months ago if I believed in any of this shit, I probably would have thought you were crazy. Monsters and spirits and vampires? Pure fantasy. I’d been trained to look at crime scenes, and to try and figure out exactly what happened. I’m no forensic specialist, but there were plenty of old cases that just didn’t make any sense. Then, I woke up on Easter, covered in blood, with a blanket being thrown around me by some people who claimed to be werewolves, saying I’d just had my first change. It took me awhile to process, but for some reason, I believed them. Eventually, they trained me to direct this rage inside me, and to manage my forms. But I’ll be honest with you, I’ve spent my whole life as a human. I’m much more comfortable with a gun in my hand than I am resorting to teeth and claws. But my gun isn’t as useful against the enemies I find myself against. So now what do I do?


Kyle Sykes

Rage Across Portland se7enist