Rage Across Portland

Rite of Passage

Where our players form a pack and begin to really learn what it is to be garou.

Ragnar was sitting at the bar in Voodoo’s, working on his third pint. Voodoo was behind the bar and the pair were chatting. On stage Hard Way was doing his best impression of Slash on his guitar. Big Dog, from the Rose City sept, sat down next to Ragnar at the bar. His face was covered in fresh scars.

            “You look like two miles of bad road man.” Ragnar said as he signaled to Voodoo to bring over a pint.

            “Yeah?! Good. Scars remind me I’m still alive.” Big Dog downed the pint. Voodoo had a second waiting. “How ‘bout you, story has it you were babysitting some pups?”

            “Well, not exactly. We got a new pack, including that Glass Walker your sept rescued a while back.”

            “Oh yeah, how is the kid?”

            “He’s older than I am, and a lot older than you.”

            “So, he is not as experienced.’ Big Dog said with a toothy grin.

            “Point taken. Well, he and four other new garou formed a pack. They did pretty good on their Rite of Passage as well, took down some fomori and some Dancers.”

            “No shit?! Do tell.”

            “Well we had six, Sykes, the Glass Walker, a Bone Gnawer named Larkin, a pretty little Fianna named Saoirse, a Child of Gaia that goes by Crunk, and a Wendigo from Arizona, all homid. There is also Skaði, a Get of Fenris lupus.

            “Mama Cass had them herded into a cave one after another to let them get to chat. Seems they got on passing well, save the Wendigo. Still, nothing too bad. Then the group were loaded up in a van and Sinclair drove them out past Mount Hood.”

            “You mean Glade territory?”

            “Yep, just to the south east actually. That was by design. Mama Cass worked with them to be there to assist, and help the pups deal with some interaction with the fera, though turns out the pups had other ideas.” Ragnar grinned as he took a pull on his pint.

            “Sinclair had them strip, which caused some embarrassment from Crunk, being fifteen and not all the bright. He explained the set up: get back to the sept on foot, find a pack totem and form a pack, and discover what was up with missing hikers. He then packed up and left.

            “Scaði lead the pack in a hunt, all in lupus, teaching how to harry a deer. They then made their way west until they came across an old set of cabins that were once a resort. They broke into one and spend the night, found a little clothing, that kind of thing. In the morning, the caretakers of this old resort were home and invited them in for breakfast. I have no clue if the caretakers believed the crazy lie they spun, but it did not mater. See, turns out these caretakers, the Marsh family, were a bunch of cannibal formori. They drugged Sykes and tried to drug Larkin, but were found out. A battle ensued where they did well killing the fomori, though one escaped into the Umbra. They followed and dealt with her as well. After that is when they discovered that they had freezers filled with human meat.”

            “Gaia forbid.” Big Dog said with a frown. “Is there no low the Wyrm will not stoop to?”

             “No, and we have both seen worse.”

            “That is true.” The pair were silent for a moment, reflecting on the horrors they had witnessed.

            “So they killed these fomori, what next.”

            “They were contacted by a spirit called Cù Sìth who asked them to find him in the Umbra. They wandered for some time, and this is where things get interesting. The Wendigo disappeared in this wandering. They have no idea where he is. Mama Cass is not thrilled with this, but according to the pack Cù Sìth told the pack he was no worthy and was on his own quest.”

            “That is interesting, this spirit seems to be well informed.”

            “Yeah, turns out to be a potent spirit that is part of Phoenix’s brood.” Ragnar grinned as Big Dog choked on the beer he was drinking.


            “I know, and it handpicked them on Phoenix’s suggestion! Pretty important stuff man!”

            “Jesus. I suppose the spirit handed them a quest or something?”

            “No, just offered them patronage. They are the Harbingers now.”

            “Nice name.”

            “I know. So after this they got smart and returned to the cabins where they hotwired the truck and drove it into Sandy where they got a room for the night.”

            “They had cash?”

            “Yeah, found it at the cabins. So in the morning they find the tires all slashed up from something. They do a little tracking and find a BSD pack. Seems the Marsh family were the children of the Alpha of this pack, Virgil Marsh.”

            “And they wanted revenge?”

            “Hell yeah! But, our new pack did not let them have it. Scaði even felled a Dancer in one hit, though she was pretty badly wounded after.”

            “Dancers don’t go down easy.”

            “Well, maybe for you.” Ragnar grinned at Big Dog’s glare. “So they then stole the Dancer’s car and drove into Portland. They sank it in the river by Cathedral Park and walked ‘cross the St. John’s and up into the sept. Rite done.”

            “Ballsy, I am sure Mama Cass meant for them to walk the whole way.”

            “Yeah, she sure did, but they did not really break the rules, as they were told to enter the caern on foot, not to make their way back on foot. Still, they did well.”

            “Uhg, semantics.” Big Dog drained his second pint and Voodoo who had been listening refilled it. “So, the big conclave is for them?”

            “Yes and no. Mama Cass planned a sept moot to officially welcome the pack as garou, but there is a guest coming, some traveling galliard named Blackpaw from the Bison Rock Caern. He has the blessings of King Albrecht, and is guided by Phoenix himself.”

            “Jesus, Phoenix again. What the hell is all this about?”

            “Not sure. Suppose we will find out at the Conclave.”

            “Should be a hell of a time!”



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